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Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-ring seal, physical and chemical properties and application of O-ring

by:ORK      2022-10-20
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals O-ring seal (HNBR) (1) Molecular structure—(CH2—CH2)(CH2—CH)(CH=CH)—CN (2) Physical and chemical properties Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-ring seals are obtained by selectively hydrogenating the butadiene group in nitrile rubber. The performance of hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-ring seals depends on the content of CAN (18%-50%) and the saturation of carbon-carbon bonds. Its main features are: good heat resistance, organic peroxide vulcanized material can be used continuously for more than 1000 hours at 160 ℃ air, while NBR loses its continuous use value at 150 ℃; excellent oil resistance, both fuel and alcohol-based fuel performance. It is much better than the corresponding NBR and NBR/PVC blend materials; its low temperature resistance is better than that of NBR; its ozone aging resistance and resistance to various media (hot water, acid, alkali, alcohol) are outstanding. Its mechanical properties are also better than ordinary NBR. Has better corrosion resistance, tensile, tear and compression set properties. Three temperature ranges General grade: -40°C~150°C (TR10-22~-24°C) Low temperature resistance grade: -55~150°C (TR10-35~-37°C) Four hardness ranges Shore 55°C to 90°C Color black, green, blue, brown, brown red, gray, also can be specified by customers six applications HNBR is widely used in the automotive and refrigeration industries. It can be used as engine system seals and other seals in contact with fuel, and is also an ideal material for making engine timing belts, V-ribbed belts, and variable-speed V-belts. For the requirements of ecological environment protection, the old refrigerant R22 is gradually replaced by the new refrigerant. In the past, neoprene or fluororubber seals were usually used, but in new refrigerants such as R134a, 410A and 407C, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals is also very widely used. In the nuclear industry, hydrogenated nitrile rubber can also be used for seals in nuclear power plants due to its radiation resistance. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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