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Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-15
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-ring is a sealing ring made of hydrogenated nitrile rubber material. Rubber V-rings, hydrogenated nitrile rubber Y-rings, hydrogenated nitrile rubber U-rings, etc. In recent years, the exploration of oil and gas wells and gas wells has become deeper and deeper, the temperature is higher, and the office environment is more extreme. Such conditions are easily destroyed. The media that are more harmful to the characteristics of rubber products under gentle pressure are H2S, CO2, methane gas, diesel engine, amine desulfurizer, steam and its alkalis, and the hydrogenated nitrile rubber ring has good resistance to the above organic chemicals. It is especially suitable for the production of oil and gas wells, explosion-proof devices for gas wells, drill pipe protection covers, plugs, gate valve sealing rings, pump piston rods, driving force insulating sleeves, rotating rubber hoses and other plastic parts. The radiation resistance performance of the hydrogenated nitrile rubber ring is better than that of silica gel, fluorine rubber and PTFE, and it is also suitable for various plastic seals of nuclear power. When the sealing gap has a relative speed, the dust and sand in the office environment are adhered to the surface of the piston, and are brought to the master cylinder together with the oil slick along with the repeated movement of the hydraulic cylinder, and become invading the surface of the O-ring seal. The abrasive particles will accelerate the damage of the O-ring, so that it loses its tightness. In order to prevent this phenomenon, a dust ring needs to be applied to the outrigger bearing end cover of the repeated movement sealed equipment.
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