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Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals have what advantages?

by:ORK      2020-07-11
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal excellent comprehensive performance, oil resistant, heat resistant, aging resistant performance is good, so in the car, the oil seal and so on various aspects widely used, so the advantages of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals seals best what? 1, under the condition of high temperature, oil resistance and aging resistance. 2, the physical and mechanical properties: the tensile strength of the hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals generally up to 30 mpa. 3, ozone resistance and resistance to chemical media: hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals to acid, alkali and salt at high temperature, strong corrosive additives in lubricating oil and fuel oil medium. 4, cold resistance generally nitrile nitrile rubber content is higher, and the higher glass transition temperature, cold resistance variation. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal of the glass transition temperature in addition to the affected by the content of nitrile, also with the iodine value ( Hydrogenated rate) The relevant. When acrylonitrile content less than 34%, with the increase of the rate of hydrogenation, the glass transition temperature rise. And in a high content of nitrile, with the increase of hydrogenation rate, glass transition temperature change is not obvious. 5, processability and adhesive properties of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals processing performance is better than that of fluorine rubber, similar to ordinary NBR, can be filled with more. Using sulfur vulcanization of hydrogenated nitrile rubber, the adhesion performance is much higher than peroxide vulcanizing, reason is that the sulfur easy and fiber in rubber or metal materials react. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal performance is good, but not all working condition can be used, so the need to use a combination of circumstances, to choose the right material, to achieve better sealing effect. 18 years seals manufacturer, one-stop non-standard custom rubber seals, such as more material, consulting.
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