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Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals have what features?

by:ORK      2020-07-11
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber is an excellent performance of rubber material, requiring a variety of rubber seals seals often use of hydrogenated nitrile rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals have what features? 1, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal is the hydrogenation saturation, but still keep the original characteristics of the nitrile rubber seals, tensile crystallinity, and high strength; 2, good heat resistance and ozone resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and chemical acid and alkali resistance; 3, good resistance to swelling properties ( Including corrosion additive oils) ; 4, good physical and mechanical properties, even under the condition of temperature can keep the pretty level; 5, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals under harmful conditions, good abrasion resistance, 6, the tensile strength of the vulcanizates higher than nitrile rubber, neoprene, close to or higher than that of carboxyl nitrile rubber; 7, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals have good acid ( Hydrogen sulfide (h2s) Environment and amine/oil mixture resistance and oxidation resistance of fuel and lubricating oil resistance; 8, glass transition temperature with the degree of hydrogenation in - 40 ~ - Between 15 ℃, brittleness temperature for - 50℃。 Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal has not only oil resistant and heat resistant performance, compared with the other rubber seal, also has a higher tensile strength and wear resistance. Such as material, you don't understand please let us know your condition, seal for you to customize a suitable rubber seal, seal 18 years professional manufacturer of rubber seals, customers in mainland China, Japan, Europe and the United States, product marketing world, is your trustworthy partner.
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