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Identification method of PVC sealing strip

by:ORK      2022-11-19
In the production process of wooden doors, the investment of sealing strips accounts for a small proportion, but its role cannot be ignored. So I think everyone should not choose those fake products in order to reduce the cost. I will briefly describe the market status of commonly used PVC in the market today, and specifically talk about inferior PVC sealing strips and high-grade silicone rubber seals. method of identification. The basic functions of wooden doors are thermal insulation, energy saving, sound insulation, wind and dust protection. The sealing strips used on the market are generally made of PVC, and the key role in soft PVC is nothing more than the quality of the plasticizer added. Butyl. However, the current market price is very high, and some unscrupulous traders use some other cheap things to replace (waste engine oil, oil base left by refineries, etc.), which brings great hidden dangers to consumers. As the prices of various petrochemical products continue to rise, some irresponsible manufacturers have started unfair competition in terms of raw materials (the so-called cutting corners and shoddy products). These cheap, even as low as 2-3 cents per meter sealing strips have become the choice of some irresponsible wooden door factories, because they have almost no cost on a wooden door of several hundred yuan, resulting in a reduction in the quality of the wooden door , l brought a lot of hidden dangers (air leakage, no dust, no sound insulation increases the cost of heating and air conditioning), the gains outweigh the losses, worthy of our pondering. Symptoms of traditional inferior PVC sealing strips: 1. There is oil seepage and precipitation on the surface. Those waste oil are not compatible with PVC at all. Grease is easy to appear on the surface of the sealing strip, and the surface of the light-colored wooden door and door leaf is also stained with yellow. Traces, resulting in product pollution, and even not environmentally friendly, there are many volatile substances that pollute the air. 2. When the so-called plasticizer volatilizes or oozes out, the sealing strip will lose its original softness, become very rigid, and will soon shrink with aging, length shrinkage, and broken section shrinkage, so that part of the wooden door is closed. There are large gaps, and the airtightness becomes very poor (water leakage, dust leakage), until the sealing and sound insulation effect is lost, which increases the cost of air conditioning and heating. Without the buffering effect, the life of the wooden door will be greatly reduced. The identification method of inferior PVC sealing strip and high-grade silicone rubber sealing strip: 1. Smell with your nose to see if there is any peculiar smell. The general PVC sealing strip will have a very pungent odor, and the normal silicone rubber sealing strip will only have a little bit of odor. The mellow taste, the smell is very small, almost inaudible. 2. At the same time, place the PVC sealing strip and the silicone rubber sealing strip at a high temperature for a period of time (on the roof or in a sunny place), the PVC sealing strip will become very soft in a short time, and the grease on the surface of the sealing strip will be precipitated and contaminated Dust, and yellowing (it is easy to absorb soil with oil) seepage oil, get dirty hands; the physical properties of silicone rubber sealing strips have no change, and the sealing ring of pressure cooker for households is made of silicone rubber, which uses the high temperature resistance and heat resistance of silicone rubber. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly performance, the physical properties of silicone rubber have no obvious change under the working environment of 200 ℃. Third, put the PVC sealing strip and the silicone rubber sealing strip in the freezer of the refrigerator at the same time, and leave it for a few hours, the PVC sealing strip will feel very stiff and easy to break, and the physical properties of the silicone rubber sealing strip will not change. silicone rubber seals in—There is no obvious change in physical properties at 50°C. Fourth, some relatively cheap sealing strips will have a lot of fillers, so the surface will not be very bright, the color will be dull, the cut section of the sealing strip will be rough, the hand feel is stiff, stretched almost inelastic, the silicone rubber sealing strip has bright color and feel Soft, very elastic when stretched, cut off the sealing strip, and the section becomes delicate and shiny. Fifth, burning, the PVC sealing strip will foam, shrink, and emit black and pungent smoke when it burns, and the burning is not sufficient, leaving hard plastic residues. Sixth, depending on the specific gravity, how many meters can be produced per kilogram. Vendors of PVC sealing strips make great efforts in the use of fillers. In order to pursue greater output, some manufacturers use talcum powder, heavy calcium and other things as fillers, which greatly increases the proportion of sealing strip products. (Our users usually buy by kilograms and use them by length) This invisibly increases the cost and seriously reduces the quality. Add heavy calcium PVC sealing strip, you stretch back and forth by hand several times, a small amount of white powder will appear on the surface. The density of PVC sealing strip should be 1.4-1.6,. Silicone rubber seals use nano-silica as filling and reinforcement, with light texture and density between 1.1-1.25, so the yield is 20% higher than that of PVC seals. The silicone rubber sealing strip is almost smokeless, tasteless, fully burned, and turns into a white powder after burning the substance. Company website:
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