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by:ORK      2022-11-22
In what environment should the rubber sealing ring be stored? The rubber sealing ring is affected by various external environmental factors, such as: distortion, oxygen, ozone, light, heat, moisture, oil, or chemical solvents, etc. O ring manufactures may be Ineffective due to changes in physicochemical properties. The storage, cleaning and maintenance of rubber seals are basically stipulated in DIN7716, ISO2230, DIN9088 and other standards. 1. Temperature: 5-25℃ is the ideal storage temperature. Avoid exposure to heat and sunlight. Seals taken out from low temperature storage should be placed in an environment of 20°C before use. 2. Humidity: The relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70%, avoid too wet or too dry, and no condensation. 3. Lighting: Avoid sunlight and strong artificial light sources containing ultraviolet rays. UV-resistant bags provide optimum protection. Red or orange paint or film is recommended for warehouse windows. 4. Radiation: Avoid ionizing radiation damage to seals. 5. Oxygen and ozone: The rubber seals material should avoid exposure to circulating air. This can be accomplished by packaging, wrapping, storing in an air-tight container, or other suitable methods. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers. Avoid the following equipment in the warehouse: mercury vapor lamps, high-voltage electrical equipment, motors and other equipment. 6. Deformation: The rubber parts should be placed in a free state as much as possible to avoid tension, compression or other deformation. 7. Contact with liquid or semi-solid materials: Do not contact with solvents, oils, greases or other semi-solid materials. 8. Contact with metal or non-metallic materials: It is not allowed to contact with magnetic materials, cast iron, copper and its alloys, or materials containing materials that will damage rubber. Seals should not be packaged with PVC material. Seals of different materials cannot be mixed. 9. Cleaning: The seals can be cleaned with soap and water as needed. However, water should not come into contact with fiber reinforced seals, rubber-to-metal bonded seals, and AU material seals. Disinfectants, organic solvents and tools with sharp edges should not be used. Cleaned seals should be air-dried at room temperature away from heat sources. The above content introduces the environment in which the rubber seal should be stored. Ruichen Sealing specializes in the production of seals such as rubber seals, single hydraulic strut seals, etc. If you have any product needs, please call to order. Keywords on this site: sealing ringPrevious article:The shelf life of rubber sealswww.tagb...
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