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by:ORK      2020-07-25
Silica gel seal, in the long-term suppression of extrusion, sticky and metal after stress frequently cause the silicone seal does not rebound, do not force phenomenon, in three aspects as the manufacturer will tell you how to maintenance and use of silicone seal. 1, the silicone seal using the environment some seals use for a long time in the bad environment, such as oxygen, heat, light aging occur under the action of result in disguised form, so in the initial stage for the use of silicone seal material environment and time and so on all need to consider as well as the life of the product can maintain a long-term, elastic is not affected, and so on. 2, the silicone seal the temperature of the surrounding environment in the process of use, all kinds of high and low temperature is one of the main factors affecting the product, silica gel material is able to take more than 200 degrees to - 40 degrees of high temperature, but long-term is suitable for the bad heat circumstances will accelerate the aging of the silicone seal of, the higher the temperature, the greater the deformation of the product will be, and forced deformation of the largest silicone material is generally above 40% will lost his job performance, cause seal leakage, etc. Under the condition of low temperature using can suggest appropriate to increase the amount of compression and tensile strength, under the condition of low temperature using need to pay attention to product necrosis phenomenon and its deformation phenomenon. 3, silicone seal ring tensile stretch degrees is one of the main operation ability the silicone seal, so in the silicone products manufacturers will choose the corresponding tensile strength material and using condition of various hardness, so when the demand for long-term use repeatedly can choose high tensile silica gel material processing production, in case the product as the growth of the time and the impact on the performance of products, because of the silicone rubber of long-term operation of beyond tensile tend to make the product when using sagging, loss of tension, so under the condition of sufficient to reduce the work involved in tensile strength, use for a long time when the biggest factors affecting silicone material deformation, thus reduce the pressure of work is the best way to keep the silicone seal. Above at 3 o 'clock is simple for everyone to explain how to maintain good silicone seal, hope to be of help. To learn more about the performance of the rubber seals products and used to seal, rubber seal, seals, rubber seals seal, O ring, foam tape, filter sealing ring, oil seal, rubber seals products, such as finding, url: / consultation telephone:
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