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Installation and adjustment method of V-shaped sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-19
After the V-shaped sealing ring is used for a period of time, the lip will be worn. In order to ensure the durability of the sealing, the tight pressure must be adjusted in time. Therefore, the adjustment method of the pressing force of the V-ring must be considered in the design. Generally, the method of adjusting the pad is used. After the thickness and number of the pad are given, the adjustment amount can be precisely controlled. Nuts or springs can also be used for adjustment. When the diameter is less than 60mm, conical springs should be used. When the diameter is greater than 60mm, multiple small springs should be used for adjustment. The number of springs should be more than 3 and should be evenly distributed. If the adjustment method of adjusting nut and spring is adopted, the spring and the V-shaped sealing ring installation cavity should have good matching accuracy and coaxiality. V-shaped sealing ring The entrance of the V-shaped sealing ring should be chamfered or rounded to make the sealing ring easy to install, and it can also be made into a stepped shape, so that the guide sleeve can be inserted into the sealing ring to make the sealing part easy to install. If the VD-shaped rubber seals sealing ring is thickened on one side of the lip of the V-shaped sealing ring, it becomes a VD-shaped sealing ring. VD-shaped rubber sealing ring is suitable for the dynamic seal of the rotating shaft. The type of VD-shaped rubber sealing ring is divided into S type and A type, and its size can be found in JB/T6994—1993. The material of VD-shaped rubber seals sealing ring is nitrile rubber or fluorine rubber seals, and the surface roughness Ra value of the sealing ring is 3.2μm, the surface roughness Ra of the metal parts in contact with the lips is 1.6μm. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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