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Installation and removal of O-ring

by:ORK      2022-11-20
We must inspect and replace the sealing ring in the structure in the whole process of maintenance and overhaul of equipment and machinery. The sealing ring is generally produced by using vulcanized rubber seals soft chemicals. In addition to O-ring hydraulic seals, there are also triangular, distance, D, T, square, heart, X, five-edge, olive and so on. Improper removal and installation in the whole process of maintenance will easily destroy the sealing ring. 1. Installation 1. Do not damage the lip If there is a slight scar on the lip, it is likely to cause significant oil leakage and steam leakage. 2 Regular inspection to prevent overdue embrittlement Regular maintenance to avoid damage, oil leakage and steam leakage in embrittlement conditions, and immediately replace the new sealing ring. 3. The specifications and models should be the same when dismantling and replacing. It is necessary to strictly follow the regulations, and the sealing rings of the same specifications and models should be used to ensure the tightness regulations. 4. Replacement of qualified products Before replacement, check the ductility and process performance: the surface is smooth and free of defects such as unevenness and cracks before re-application. 5 Installation Use common tools to prevent fingers from being scratched by sharp edges of grooved metal materials. Before installation, clean the groove, wipe some grease on the lips, do not knock in hard, first press the sealing ring into the hole groove, and then slowly, thoroughly and evenly press it in. 2. The shape takes the common O-ring hydraulic seal as an example. The sealing ring is installed in the groove, and there are embedded and external wall thickness applications, as shown in Figure 1: Figure 1. The installation shape and style of the sealing ring are shown in Figure 3. Take the O-ring hydraulic seal as an example. A common tool is needed to remove the seal. For example, a small hook is made of millimeter stainless steel wire after cutting and processing. The small hook is parallel to the groove, and the groove is pasted. The bottom of the groove can be probed by applying a little force, and the small hook can be rotated 90°The small hook linearly holds the O-ring, and then it can be dug (pryed) out by applying a little force upwards and inwards.
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