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Installation and storage of seals

by:ORK      2022-11-12
We should pay attention to three items when installing seals: 1. Do not damage the sealing surface of the seal surface or the sealing line plane. The sealing performance of the seal depends on the upper and lower end faces; the sealing performance of the hydraulic seal depends on the hole or shaft. Lip line, these parts are made of soft and resilient temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant graphite, rubber seals, fiber and other vulnerable special materials, so they need to be handled, installed, and stored. Give special protection and care, once damaged, it will often leave a lot of hidden dangers to the sealing part; 2. Do not install forcibly Some seals are placed in the grooved stuffing box, then they need to be installed with tight fitting, and the construction should not be rough , Barbaric, forcibly installing the seal will inevitably destroy the original prefabricated structure of the seal, which is like breaking the prefabricated concrete and filling it into the required parts, which will inevitably lead to disaster. The installation of this type of seal must be very careful and careful, and the embedding must be carried out step by step; 3. Pay attention to balance and symmetry during installation. Place the seal at the position that just closes the effective sealing surface (or lip line). After the system is put into use, it is necessary to do further observation and follow-up work of tightening the seals to prevent the collapse caused by micro-leakage due to changes in working conditions (such as pressurization) during the working process of the system. The seals should be properly stored when they are not in use temporarily. 1. Anti-aging, light-proof, moisture-proof, placed flat, away from cold and heat sources; 2. Do not apply pressure to keep the seal in a natural relaxed state, and do not apply external force to change its physical shape; 3. Classification marking (same shape, different materials, used parts, applicable standards, purchase date, etc.) Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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