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Installation method and precautions of sealing strip

by:ORK      2022-10-16
(1) Assembly method of sealing strip The sealing strip is embedded in the sealing strip groove of the window (door) frame and window (door) sash, which is generally carried out after the welding process of the door and window frame and the sash is completed, and the welding seam cleaning work is completed. . The sealing strip needs to be manually embedded with a roller with a handle, which saves effort and ensures that the sealing strip is continuously inserted into the groove in place. (1) The joint of each window (door) sash and the glass sealing strip in the frame should be located at the corner of the window sash or window frame, and the joint of the assembly frame and the O-shaped sealing strip between the sashes should be located at the upper border of the frame or sash The middle of the joint should be cut into 40°~43°The corners are butted and glued together with adhesive. A long sealing strip is fitted to each corner and should be cut to about 80 on the inside°~85°The notch should not be cut off, and there should be a little connection on the edge, so that the sealing strip at the notch can be firmly stacked with each other after being installed in the groove, so as to prevent the opening of the broken head when the sealing strip shrinks, which will affect the sealing performance. (2) When a glass sealing strip is installed in each window (door) leaf, frame and each glass bead, the dovetail of the sealing strip, that is, the C-section cover in the national standard GB12002, must be pressed on the outer side of the support arm of the profile , and prevent curling. (3) When the sealing strip is inserted into the groove, the correct embedding method is as follows: start from the position specified in (1), use a roller with a handle to press the sealing strip into the groove for a short period, and then continue one after another. Press people, the length of each segment is about 200-300mm (controlled by the operator). (2) Precautions for assembling the sealing strip (1) The sealing strip is not allowed to be elongated, and the inlays of the sealing strip should be aligned with the groove and pressed in by the roller in the reverse direction, that is, the roller should be away from the previous section of the sealing strip in the groove. At 200 to 300 turns, the sealing strip to be pressed is rolled and pressed in the direction of the pressed sealing strip to prevent it from being stretched. Never press the person in the direction of the pressing person. (2) When the sealing strip is cut, there should be an appropriate length shrinkage allowance. (3) There is a broken end when the sealing strip is embedded, especially the frame fan“O”For the type sealing strip, do not set the broken ends on the corners and vertical frames (the opening cannot be upward), it is better to set them in the middle of the upper frame, and the joints should be tightly aligned, and the adhesive should be firmly bonded. (4) When assembling the glass sealing strip, it must be noted that the small feet of the sealing strip embedded in the side of the profile support arm must be grooved, and must not be curled. Company website:
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