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Interpretation of the hazard elements of seals

by:ORK      2022-11-17
Mechanical seals are often specified in today's machinery and equipment. To ensure the tightness of the regulations, it is necessary to follow the necessary standards for its tightness. Below, Tianjin Huake will talk about the critical elements of sealing that need to be understood when it is sealed. At the time of sealing, there are many sealing materials and sealing methods that can be selected. Among them, hydraulic seals play a particularly important role in the integration of hydraulics and pneumatics, which are all unique and common methods in sealing. If the seal of this hydraulic press pneumatic component product is unqualified, it cannot be used at the time of application, because it does not exceed the actual effect of sealing. There are many levels of factors that endanger seals, which are closely related to the raw materials used and the sealing method selected and the natural environment. The working pressure is a key reason that affects the quality of the seal. If the working pressure is relatively high, it is not easy to seal, but if the working pressure is close to the atmospheric pressure, it is easy to seal. The size and transition of the working pressure is quite harmful to the damage of the seal. Temperature and sliding friction are very harmful to sealing. At the time of designing the sealing, it is necessary to fully consider the specific sealing environment. There are many factors that affect the maximum application temperature and minimum application temperature of this sealing material.
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