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Introduction of car skeleton oil seal

by:ORK      2022-11-02
Medium oil, water, weak corrosive liquid life 500~2000 hours skeleton type rubber oil seal types and conditions of use: Type ordinary double-lip type low-speed high-speed low-speed high-speed line speed (m/s) 64~1264~12 Working pressure 0.049 ( Mpa) Temperature -40~100℃, 100~120℃, continuous work for no more than 2 hours Scope of application The basic requirements for automobile oil seals for rotating shafts of automobiles, tractors, etc. are strict, reliable, long life, simple structure, reasonable price, maintenance convenient. At present, automotive oil seal materials mainly include nitrile rubber (NBR), polyacrylate rubber (ACM), fluororubber (FPM) and so on. Nitrile-butadiene rubber seals (NBR), like Nitrile-26, Nitrile-40, etc., has good heat resistance, wear resistance, resistance to various lubricating oils, greases, oil and gas mixtures, etc., applicable temperature -30~120 ℃, but can not be used in phosphate ester hydraulic oil and gear oil containing extreme pressure additives, stable performance in gasoline and low aniline point mineral oil. Mostly used for shock absorber oil seals. Polyacrylate rubber seals (ACM) has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, especially for lubricating oil, gear oil, motor oil, motor oil, petroleum-based hydraulic oil, etc. containing extreme pressure agents, suitable for Working in the range of -30~150℃, it is mostly used for front and rear crankshaft oil seals, half shaft oil seals, gear pump oil seals, etc. Fluorine rubber (FPM) is resistant to aging, heat and oil, and is suitable for almost all lubricating oils, fuel oils, gasoline, and is not easy to harden in oils containing extreme pressure additives, but has poor cold resistance, high temperature wear resistance, and permanent compression. Large deformation, suitable for temperature -20 ~ 250 ℃. Mainly used for high temperature oil seals such as engine oil seals. Among the above-mentioned oil seal materials, the raw material of nitrile butadiene rubber seals (NBR) is the cheapest, about 12 yuan per kilogram. The raw material of polyacrylate rubber (ACM) is about 60 yuan per kilogram. The raw material of fluorine rubber (FPM) is the most expensive, the domestic one costs about 150 yuan per kilogram, and the imported one costs about 250 yuan per kilogram. From the point of view of use, polyacrylate rubber (ACM) oil seal is most worthy of promotion because of its moderate price, long life and excellent comprehensive performance. The parts used for automobile oil seals are as follows: 1. Front wheel oil seal; 2. Rear wheel oil seal; 3. Front shock absorber oil seal: 4. Rear shock absorber oil seal; 5. Transmission front oil seal; 6. Transmission rear oil seal; 7. Front crankshaft Oil seal; 8. Crankshaft rear oil seal; 9. Valve stem oil seal; 10. Camshaft oil seal; 11. Axle shaft oil seal; 12. Differential gear oil seal; 13. Transmission shaft oil seal. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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