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Introduction of rubber spring

by:ORK      2022-11-06
springs include rubber seals springs and composite rubber springs. It is a kind of high elastic body, which is made of ordinary rubber. The rubber spring has a small elastic modulus and has a large elastic deformation after being loaded, so as to absorb shock and vibration. The curly long-chain molecular structure of rubber and the weak secondary force between the molecules make the rubber material exhibit unique viscoelastic properties, so it has a good effect. The shape of the rubber spring is not limited, it has a large elastic deformation, it is easy to achieve nonlinear requirements, and the vibration and sound insulation effect is good. Compared with rubber springs, composite rubber seals springs are limited in shape by metal coil springs, have high linearity requirements and are heavy in weight, but their advantages of large load-bearing capacity are not comparable to pure rubber springs. To sum up, the rubber shock absorber made of rubber also has a good shock absorption effect. Advantages of rubber springs: 1. There is no sliding part, easy to maintain; 2. The impact stiffness is higher than the static stiffness and dynamic stiffness, which is conducive to impact deformation. 3. Large internal friction and good shock absorption effect, which is conducive to crossing the resonance zone and attenuating high-frequency vibration and noise; 4. The shape can be freely determined, and the hardness can be controlled by adjusting the rubber formula components, which can meet the requirements of stiffness and strength in all directions. Requirements; 5. Small quality, easy installation and disassembly. 6. The elastic modulus is much smaller than that of metal, which can produce large elastic deformation; the rubber spring has good vibration damping effect, small resonance field, long service life, low cost, good cold resistance, excellent air tightness, waterproof It is the best choice for vibration damping. Its application fields include industrial machinery such as vibration machinery, double-decker passenger cars, and trucks. springs are commonly used in mechanical equipment, vehicle running mechanisms and suspensions to reduce vibration and buffer. The spring price can also be designed into various structural forms according to the work needs. Company website:
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