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by:ORK      2022-11-27
Introduction of six basic indicators for testing rubber seals seals seals are more and more widely used in industry and production now, which is mainly due to its special properties, good sealing, simple installation steps, super strong adaptability and strong market demand. In view of these uneven rubber seals in the market, all kinds of rubber seals have come out for a while, but their quality is rarely up to the standard. Today we will explain the six basics of rubber seal testing for you. index. 1. Tensile properties Tensile properties include: tensile strength, tensile stress, elongation at break and permanent deformation at break. Tensile strength is the maximum stress that the sample stretches to break; the constant elongation stress is the stress achieved when the specified elongation occurs; the elongation is the deformation caused by the sample being subjected to the specified tensile force, and the increment of elongation is used. The ratio of the original length; the elongation at break is the elongation of the sample when it is broken; the permanent deformation at break is the residual deformation between the marking lines after the tensile fracture of the sample. 2. Hardness Hardness indicates the ability of the sealing material to resist external force intrusion, and is also one of the basic properties of rubber seals. The higher the hardness, the greater the strength, the smaller the elongation, the better the wear resistance, and the better the low temperature resistance. Difference. 3. Compression performance seals are usually in a compressed state. Due to the viscoelasticity of the rubber material, the pressure will decrease with time when compressed, which is manifested as compressive stress relaxation. This phenomenon is more pronounced in high temperature and oily media, and this performance is directly related to the durability of the sealing ability of rubber seals seals. 4. Low temperature performance After the sample is frozen at a specified low temperature for a specified time, it is bent back and forth at a specified angle, and the sealing ability of the rubber seal after repeated action of dynamic load at low temperature is investigated. 5. Oil-resistant or medium-resistant rubber seals are not only in contact with various oils, but also sometimes in contact with corrosive media such as acid and alkali. In addition to being corroded in these media, it will also cause expansion and strength reduction at high temperatures. reduce. Generally at a certain temperature, after soaking in the medium for a certain time, measure the change of its mass, volume, strength, elongation, and hardness to evaluate the oil resistance or medium resistance of rubber seals. 6. Aging resistance Aging is generally manifested in that the performance of rubber seals will deteriorate after being subjected to oxygen, ozone, heat, light, moisture and mechanical stress. The aging resistance (weather resistance) can be expressed by the changes in the strength, elongation and hardness of the samples after aging. The smaller the change rate, the better the aging resistance. The above six points are the basic indicators for the quality inspection of rubber seals. It is hoped that in the future, major manufacturers will also use this as a standard to produce qualified products. The market will always need products with guaranteed quality instead of low-priced products.
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