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Introduction to Sealing Discipline

by:ORK      2022-11-11
First let's clarify“what is a seal”this problem. According to the classification of Aizhi seals (which is also a relatively neutral classification that you can find in various materials), seals can be divided into at least the following categories: mechanical seals, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, oil seals, O ring manufactures, packing and gaskets slices, and even more. Each category has many subcategories. So many categories make up a common name“seal”. It can be seen that seals and seals are a very complex and broad category. What kind of discipline is sealing? It should be said that most engineering schools do not have this discipline. We talk to a layperson about sealing, or we mention at class reunions and family reunions that we are in the sealing business, and seven or eight out of ten people think it's a buzzing bee. Do your fellow sealers have this experience? For most people, seals are low profile, while bees are high profile. Since the popularity is so low, why start discussing this issue? Because if you talk to the sealing industry, you will hear a completely different statement. These operators tend to passionately explain the particularity, difficulty, and importance of their seals. Although everyone understands“seal”Concepts vary widely, and they tend to think that the kind of seal they make is the most important seal. For example, they will passionately introduce what is packing? (if they are packing), what is mechanical seal? (if they are mechanical sealing), what is hydraulic seal (if they are hydraulic sealing). . . What is an O-ring. . . In their eyes, the seals they make are a big market; and other types of seals don't matter, or other forms of seals don't need to exist at all. Why is there such a big difference between the big and small of the seal in the understanding between the layman and the layman? This is what the seal industry and users think about“what is seal”and“Seal is big or small”misunderstanding. The author thinks that“misunderstanding”, which is one of the reasons why it is difficult for many sealing companies to communicate with customers. After figuring out the types of seals, we know that the types of seals are so complicated in the eyes of experts, or in the eyes of a general manufacturing practitioner. So is the sealing market big or small? We can tell you responsibly that sealing is a small thing. The reason why it is small is not that we think it is small, but that users think it is small. Let's think from the user's point of view, it's easy to understand: How many devices does a user in charge of a device touch? There are thousands of devices and materials, big and small. Suppliers of each material think their product is the most important, but in fact each product is only a small link in industrial production. According to the sampling survey of more than 2,000 end-user units of food, automobile, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, etc., the sealing cost of the vast majority of users accounts for about 1% of the overall maintenance cost. Is there a smaller category of maintenance costs than this? According to another seal sample survey of more than 1,000 equipment factory supporting users, the amount of seals in the total equipment cost is often less than 5% of the total cost. There are also Is it a component with a lower cost than this? If the above is not well understood, it is obviously a great blow to the confidence of sealing practitioners. A seal manufacturer who has been addicted to a small product for a long time may have some conceptual shocks after reading this article. However, the above data is the actual status of industrial operation. The purpose of this article is to analyze a fundamental obstacle for the sealing industry to become bigger and stronger. Many sealers are very annoyed that they can't grow bigger quickly. They think it's a technical problem, a talent problem, a competition problem, and a national situation problem. Users don't pay attention to such a small category at all, not to mention that what you do is only a subcategory under a certain category in the seal? Therefore, let's imagine the following scenario: in the sealing industry enthusiastically introducing a certain kind of graphite produced by them. At times, the ideas of users and those in the sealing industry are different. The user might be thinking this: Sealed……, really a small thing……Only accounts for my total cost……I still have so much equipment to manage……If you divide the seals into six major categories, and then divide each major category into six sub-categories, you will only do one category inside.……No matter how good your technique is, I have more important things……Then I really don't want to waste time listening to you.……Therefore, whether the sealing products can be used by users and whether the sealing industry is developing fast or not, we must first solve the concept of customer attention. If the user does not agree with your psychological“great seal”concept, or you simply don’t know what users are thinking, there is no basis for communication. Due to historical reasons, many seal manufacturers only master the manufacturing method of one of the seals, some only make graphite packing, some only make O rings, some only make carbon rings, and some only make four Fluorine gradually evolved into the current seal company. The manufacturers of different methods have many barriers to the technology, which hinders the development of many traditional sealing companies into comprehensive sealing companies. At the same time, these single sealers are gradually fixed in their respective fields. It is easy for everyone to see the sub-categories of their own expertise, and it is difficult to see the methods of other categories. Naturally, it is impossible to agree that the seals of other categories are better than their own. Sealing is also important. Company website:
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