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Introduction to the selection method of O-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-18
An O-ring is a rubber seals product with an O-shaped section and a circular shape. The classification of O-rings is based on size and material. The size of O-rings is expressed as: inner diameter * wire diameter or outer diameter * wire diameter. According to this product size representation method, it can be divided into American standard O ring manufactures, Japanese standard O-rings, European standard O-rings and national standard O ring manufactures. There are many materials for O-rings, and the materials used are determined according to where the customer uses them. The materials are generally NBR, EPDM, silicone, fluororubber, etc. Each material has its own characteristics. For example, nitrile rubber is an oil-resistant and wear-resistant rubber product, but it is not resistant to high temperature, and it can still be used at 100 degrees. If it is around 200, it is better to use silica gel, but silica gel is not resistant to oil. Fluorine rubber is resistant to high temperature and chemical corrosion, but the elasticity of fluorine rubber seals is not good, so the choice of material depends on the environmental conditions of the product. When many customers call for consultation, they say that I need an O-ring or a rubber ring. They ask her how big it is and what material it is. The customer says that it is normal or the best. I am really speechless in the face of such an answer, because the size of the product must be told to me, and then I know if our company has a product with this broken specification, and then you have to tell me what material it is, and I will know if I have it here. Spot goods. If you want to make a quotation, it is best to tell me how much the purchase quantity is here. These are the main parameters that determine the price quotation. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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