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Investigation on the development of rubber sealing strips in China

by:ORK      2022-11-06
In the 1980s, sealing strips were introduced to China. It brings great convenience to people's life. The production process of the sealing strip has been greatly developed. In the long-term accumulation, the sealing strip has been applied to various industries such as automobiles, doors and windows, and household appliances, and its composition and production process are also different according to the different requirements of various industries. Are not the same. The development of various industries has driven the sealing to various degrees and also provided essential materials for the development of various related industries. The development history of the sealing strip is closely related to the development of the door and window industry. As early as the 1990s, the widespread popularity of aluminum alloy doors and windows in my country brought the era of sealed natural rubber strips. This type of rubber strip not only has low manufacturing costs, but also has a low threshold for starting manufacturing. With the prolongation of use time, various fractures, hardening and other conditions occur. Subsequently, the country announced a ban on steel doors and windows, and natural rubber seals also faded out of the market. Since then, the country has begun to promote the use of PVC sealing strips. In the initial use process, PVC sealing strips did play a high market value, but then there was a situation of poor sealing, and due to the production method of small workshops. Low-price competition has made more and more inferior products flow into the market, and the vicious development has blocked the continued development of PVC sealing strips. With the use of EPDM strips, PVC sealing strips officially disappeared from people's sight. The new EPDM sealing strip has a smooth and beautiful surface, good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and a wide operating temperature range (-60 ~ 125 ℃) and other excellent properties. EPDM sealing strips are more widely used in automobiles, doors and windows, cabinets, refrigerators, containers, etc. As we all know, our life is inseparable from rubber and plastic products, such as door and window seals, rubber seals seals, car seals, gaskets, etc., have always played an important role in our lives. However, some inferior products may even endanger our health. Here we teach you how to distinguish the quality of the sealing strip. First, see whether the surface of the product is pure in color and slightly dull. Second, smell the product, there will be an aromatic smell. Third, use the touch to feel whether the product itself is smooth and not rough. Fourth, check the tensile strength. Generally, the size of the tensile strength will affect the tearing situation. When the strength is small, use fire to burn it to see how much is left in the final incineration. Company website:
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