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Is common sense innate? Or can everyone increase personal common sense through experience?

by:ORK      2022-11-15
Is common sense innate? Or can everyone add personal common sense through experience? The oil tycoon believes common sense can be cultivated. In fact, his ability to simplify things in the hope of smooth progress and actual judgment was learned through extracurricular activities in school. As he himself said:“I learned this technique in high school and college debate competitions.”He explained that common sense can improve the technical level of debate training so that it can make systematic, logical and rational decisions. Likewise, he rated his organizational skills and his ability to successfully complete tasks out of 9 and 10, which of course correlate directly with common sense. Unfortunately, while common sense is an increasingly important trait in today's world, our current education system only touches on common sense. In fact, common sense is closely related to success in many professions. If you want to To become an influencer yourself, add common sense to your personality, because it is so important. Success Trait 2: Expertise in the job. Expertise in the chosen industry is the second personal trait every high achiever possesses, and three-quarters of successful people feel that their performance in this trait should be Rated to A. The most representative here is the geologist Oxley, who is also the president of TennecO oil exploration and production company in the United States. He has made many indelible contributions in the oil exploration industry, that is, once he works, he will not sleep until the oil well can show some results. He learned the knack of direct deals, telling U.S. News & World Report:“Anyone who wants to be a good manager needs to actually know the expertise and knowledge of their industry.”Today, his expertise earns him a six-figure annual salary. Another US expert surveyed was convinced from on-the-job experience that a news photographer also needs expertise in his field of work. He says:“Find out why I'm using these gear to do this”, which is part of the secret to its success. As part of his education, he read books explaining film techniques, and joined the National Press Photographers Association, the National Press Photographic Foundation, and local photography societies, professional organizations that provided additional sources of news that enabled him to Innovate in your own workplace and keep up with the times. Like other high achievers, the photographer is reluctant to take part in voluntary work outside of work. In fact, his service to the community ranks first as a priority:“I think you can make improvements to society, your community, and your profession as one of your life goals, and when you do, you become more productive.”Company website:
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