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Main uses and advantages of O-ring seals

by:ORK      2022-10-18
Main uses and advantages of O-ring seals The situation floats the airtight effect. In processing centers, ships, cars, aerospace machinery and equipment, metallurgical equipment, machinery and equipment manufacturing, construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery and equipment, petroleum equipment, granulator equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, and various instruments Many types of closed electronic devices are used in instruments. O ring manufactures are suitable for rotary sealing and uniform linear motion tightness. When it is used for rotary sports and fitness, it is necessary to rotate the closed machinery and equipment in slow gear. The O-ring is generally assembled to the outer circle or the outer circle with a rectangular cross-section to play a sealing role in the excavation of the groove. O ring manufactures still have high-quality airtightness and shock absorption in ecological environments such as corrosion resistance, strong oxidants, grinding, and analytical chemical erosion. Therefore, the O-ring is the most widely used hydraulic press seal in the four-column hydraulic press and automatic control principle system.
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