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Maintenance method of silicone rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-31
What is the maintenance method of silicone rubber seals sealing ring? Frankly, it has a sealing effect. During processing and testing, our silicone rubber seals have been strictly controlled by relevant departments and technicians. Below, let's take a look at a few types of maintenance methods that I use to develop silicone rubber seals. 1. The temperature of the surrounding environment of the silicone rubber sealing ring is the key factor that damages the silicone rubber seals sealing ring under the conditions of use. It is used to accelerate the aging of the silicone rubber sealing ring under extreme attention. The higher the temperature, the greater the deformation, and the relatively large compression deformation of the silicone material is generally around 40%. leaks due to tightness. In the case of low temperature application, it is recommended to appropriately increase the amount of shrinkage and extension. In the case of ultra-low temperature application, attention should be paid to the shrinkage and deformation and rupture of the product. Silicone rubber sealing ring 2, the stretching degree of the silicone rubber sealing ring is one of the main functions of the silicone rubber sealing ring. Therefore, when manufacturing silicone products, the corresponding stretching material and various Therefore, high tensile strength silicone material can be used for production and processing when long-term continuous application is required, so as to prevent the product from directly affecting the function of the product with the continuous improvement. When used in conditions beyond the range of tensile strength, the equipment tends to become more and more slack, and the tensile strength is lost. Therefore, under sufficient premise to reduce the degree of interference in the work, it will endanger the deformation of the silicone material when used for a long time. This is a larger factor, so reducing pressure on the job is an excellent way to keep the seal ring in place. 3. Material selection of silicone rubber sealing ring In addition, high-quality materials are used for the function of the product. The higher the tensile strength and hardness of the product, the better the product quality.
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