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Material analysis of rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-22
Analysis of rubber sealing ring material: 1. Fluorine rubber seals: high temperature resistance, can be used in -30℃-+250℃ environment, antioxidant, oil resistance, corrosion resistance. Generally used in high temperature, high vacuum, high pressure environment, suitable for oil environment. Fluorine rubber seals is widely used in crude oil, chemical industry, aviation, aerospace and other departments because of its various excellent characteristics. 2. Silica gel: It has obvious high and low temperature resistance, and maintains good application elasticity and ozone resistance in the temperature range of -70℃-+260℃. It has the advantages of weather resistance and is suitable for sealing gaskets in thermal machinery. Insulation can be made because it does not have any toxicity. Insulation products and medical rubber seals products. 3. Nitrile rubber: It has good oil resistance and aromatic solvent performance, but it is not resistant to ketones, esters, chlorinated chemicals, etc. Therefore, nitrile rubber is mainly used for oil-resistant sealing products. 4. Neoprene: good oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical properties and other properties, but not resistant to aromatic oils, which is characterized by weather aging and ozone aging characteristics. General color experience Neoprene produces door and window sealing strips and valve sheets and general vacuum sealing products; 5. EPDM: good temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone aging characteristics, general door and window sealing strips. The most widely used auto industry. 6. The PTFE composite gasket is made of PTFE and high-quality all-rubber, and adopts the unique production process of new sealing materials, combined with the excellent characteristics of PTFE and rubber, so that the product has excellent corrosion resistance, Heat resistance, non-toxicity, viscosity, elasticity and sealing.
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