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Material classification of O-ring seals

by:ORK      2022-10-25
Material classification of O-ring seal O-ring natural rubber NR (Natural ) is made of latex collected from cinnamon tree, which is a high polymer of isoprene. It has very good wear resistance, strong ductility, tensile strength and elongation. It is easy to age in the gas, become sticky when heated, and it is easy to swell and melt in mineral oil or motor gasoline. It is resistant to alkali but not strong alkali.·It is the raw material for making tapes, rubber hoses, and rubber boots, and is suitable for making shock absorber parts, and products used in automotive brake fluid, alcohol and other chemicals with hydroxide radicals. SBR (StyreneButadieneCopolyme) is a copolymer of butadiene and butadiene. Compared with natural rubber, it has a well-proportioned quality, less dirt, but poor impact toughness. It can be used with natural rubber seals. blending applications. Advantage: ·Low-cost non-oil-soluble material·Excellent water resistance, excellent elasticity below 70 hardness·Weak shrinkage at high hardness·Can use most neutralized organic compounds and dry, nutritious organic chemical ketones Defects:·It is not recommended to use strong bases, active oxygen, raw materials, oil esters and lipids, and most nitrogen oxides.​​·Widely used in tire industry, shoe factory, cloth industry and conveyor belt fields. O-ring O-ring O-ring cyclized butyl IIR Butyl (ButylRubber) is a combination of isobutylene and a little isoprenes, and enjoys a little unsaturated group for vulcanization. There are few other polymers, so the vapor permeability is less, the inhibition of heat, sunlight and active oxygen is great, and the insulation performance of household appliances is good; it has great resistance to polar solvents such as alcohols, ketones, esters, etc., and is generally used in the temperature range It is -54~110℃. Advantage: ·Is it water permeable to most general vapors?·Excellent inhibitory effect on the sun and active oxygen·Exposure to small animals or edible oils or oxidizable chemicals Defects:·It is not recommended to use with petroleum solvents, gasoline and aromatic hydrogen at the same time.​​·For making plastic parts resistant to chemicals and vacuum technology.
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