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Material condition of plastic door and window sealing strip

by:ORK      2022-10-25
At present, foreign sealing strips mainly include nitrile rubber seals sealing strips, EPDM sealing strips, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing strips, polyurethane elastomer (P) sealing strips, silicone rubber seals sealing strips, etc. , and the usage rate of EPDM rubber with excellent aging resistance is higher, reaching more than 60%. In recent years, the market share of plasticized polyvinyl chloride sealing strips in the domestic door and window sealing materials market has reached more than 90%, while the modified high polymerized polyvinyl chloride and thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips recommended by relevant industry departments The occupancy rate is extremely low, and most of them are concentrated in the surrounding areas of Beijing. Compared with similar foreign products, the market price of domestic EPDM rubber seals sealing strip is about 40% lower, but the development is still slow. Only the cost saving is considered, and the comprehensive benefits brought by the use of high-priced and high-quality sealing materials are not considered. In recent years, with the introduction of foreign door and window manufacturing technology, the cross-sectional shape and variety of domestic sealing strips have also undergone great changes, which are largely affected by the raw materials used, such as the processability and expansion rate of the materials. Wait. EPDM rubber is a kind of sealing material with excellent comprehensive performance. It not only has excellent physical properties, but also has good processing performance and small expansion coefficient. The sealing strip made of this material is almost the same as the design requirements. This is also an important reason for the rapid development of EPDM in recent years. Company website:
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