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Material introduction of special sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-14
Introduction to the material of special sealing ring Generally, the common materials of sealing ring are fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, NBR, polyurethane and other materials, these materials can basically meet the various needs of customers. However, in some specific occasions and use environments, some special materials are needed to solve problems for everyone. In order to meet the specific needs of customers, great efforts have been made in the material of the sealing ring. With the efforts of the R&D team, the use of several other materials that are not commonly used has been added. Material 1: Neoprene material sealing ring Application: Multi-purpose material used in different industrial fields. Features/Benefits: 1. Elastomer: chloroprene rubber 2. Similar to NBR nitrile rubber, but less resistant to acid and alkali materials Synthetic rubbers have different material properties, and the appropriate fields of application for natural rubbers have yet to be further developed. Features/Benefits: 1. Elastomer: natural rubber 2. High flexibility 3. Excellent physical properties Material 3: Butyl rubber material Sealing ring Applications: Suitable for various industries, such as vacuum applications Features/Benefits: 1. Elastomer: Butyl rubber 2. Very low gas permeability 3. High resistance to oxygen and ozone 4. Good electrical insulation 5. Not suitable for mineral oil applications https://www.orksealing.com /
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