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national conference on rubber products manufacturing

by:ORK      2020-03-10
Kotomeam: Rubber Board in cooperation with Kerala Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC)
Two people are being organized.
National Conference on rubber products manufacturing day of Indian Rubber Research Institute (RRII)from July 28-29.
Narini Neto, chief secretary of the government
The meeting will be held in Kerala.
The theme of the conference is the manufacture of rubber products: Synergy.
The conference aims to provide the latest developments in processing, product innovation, chemicals and so on.
The panel discussion will discuss opportunities and issues for new entrepreneurs in the rubber industry.
The experience of rubber products manufacturers will be shared at the conference, which will also discuss the impact of GST and ASEAN agreements on the rubber industry.
Stakeholders in the tire and non-rubber industry
Tire product manufacturers, latex processors, raw material suppliers and consumers of various rubber products can all benefit from the meeting.
Public Sector Undertakings including the Ministry of Defense and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
National Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
Air India LimitedHAL)
Balat Heavy Electrical Appliance Co. , Ltd (BHEL)
Indian Railway, transport sector, agriculture, oil industry
Machinery Industry, etc.
The meeting is also expected.
Senior officials from the triprabang, Assam, Aruba and Odisha industrial sectors will also address delegates at various meetings of the meeting.
RRII conducts research in all aspects of natural rubber production, processing and product manufacturing.
Some key projects are the development of energy-saving processes for filler incorporation, the development of high cost-effective fillers, and new development processes.
Shoot in collaboration with industry and academia.
RRII\'s NABL accredited laboratory supports the rubber industry by providing testing and rubber product development in accordance with national and international standards.
KSIDC, an agency under the Kerala government, promotes the state\'s industry by promoting and funding large and medium-sized industries, and promotes the development of the material and social infrastructure needed for the state\'s industrial growth.
For more details about the meeting, please contact 0481 2353311 or 9447326070 or visit the Board website.
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