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Nitrile rubber seal oil resistance

by:ORK      2020-07-28
Nitrile rubber material is relatively commonly used in sealing products, nitrile rubber sealing ring famous for its oil resistance, heat resistance wear resistance, the seal will take you to understand oil resistance of NBR. Nitrile rubber sealing ring is oil resistance, chemical resistance and physical and mechanical properties of comprehensive performance outstanding, one of the representative rubber, effective use of these properties can meet a variety of purposes. In general rubber seals, NBR rubber benzene, petroleum base oil and nonpolar solvent resistant performance is better than that of NR, SBR, IIR nonpolar rubber, also better than the polarity of the CR, but the nitrile rubber polar solvent and polarity of oil resistant performance is not good, does not apply to phosphate series of hydraulic oil and gear oil containing extreme pressure additives. Nitrile rubber sealing ring is mainly used in aerospace, automotive, printing, textile and machinery manufacturing, etc. Nitrile rubber is used mainly for oil products, such as tubing, adhesive tape, rubber diaphragm and large oil capsule, etc. , are often used to make all kinds of oil resistant moulded products, such as type O sealing ring, oil seal, cup, diaphragm valve, corrugated pipe, rubber seals hose, seals, foam, etc. , are used to make plastic board and wear-resistant parts. Understand the oil resistance of nitrile rubber sealing ring, and choose material, combining with the working condition of their products so as to choose a suitable products, sealing 17 years professional manufacturer of sealing ring, if you have more material problem, welcome to contact us:.
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