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by:ORK      2020-07-10
Flange duckbill valve is to prevent the action of water and sediment flow back into the pipe, the water and wastewater discharge has a certain density difference, when the sewage discharge of small, because the traditional outfalls nozzle jet velocity decreases, and the sediment flow backward into the drainage area, it will cause the water of the sea or the flange duckbill valve is according to the flow of water changes, in the absence of displacement, shut down automatically, and at the time of low emissions could still keep rof, this can effectively prevent backflow. So when installing a flange duckbill valve need to pay attention to what? 1, when installation, need to inspect the duckbill valve and pipe, cut face tilt cannot exceed 1%, and cannot be checked in 3 mm; 2, in the assembly, should check whether flange duckbill valve and pipe vertical; 3, during the installation process, should add gaskets, around and gasket is for Angle adjustment, the size of the gasket to be consistent with flange seal surface, 4 duckbill valve, flange cannot be buried underground, cannot be installed on the floor, wall and casing; 5, flange duckbill valve in the connection, make sure with concentric pipe, and the need to ensure that only through bolts, installation flange screw hole; , should keep balance between the flange and the flange diameter deviation is not greater than 1. 5/1000, which is not greater than 2 mm, make sure that the bolt is not skewed; 6, when installation, bolts need to be same type, installed in the same direction, with empty space between the bolt and the flange duckbill valve can't; 7, when screw should be installed symmetrically, ensure to receive strength evenly. parts manufacturer seal of 18 years, can be customized according to customer demand for the customer design the rubber valve, diaphragm, suction cups, a fixed seat, and so on all kinds of rubber seal valve pump, learn more consultation:.
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