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Notes on Hydraulic Seals

by:ORK      2022-11-01
Our company is a well-known supplier of seals. The company's products are cheap in price, reliable in quality, long in use and durable in use. Our products have a certain price advantage in the same industry. The following are the precautions for hydraulic seals. Hydraulic transmission uses hydraulic pressure to transmit power, and the quality of the sealing device will directly affect the working performance of the hydraulic system. If the hydraulic cylinder is not well sealed, it will cause serious internal and external leakage, so that the force and working speed cannot meet the design requirements, resulting in reduced efficiency, increased power loss, waste of oil, environmental pollution, and even fire. Therefore, sealing is important in hydraulic systems. Seals can be used to prevent oil leakage and external gas, dust, etc. from entering the hydraulic system. Of course, it is impossible for the hydraulic cylinder to be absolutely sealed. Because of the reciprocating motion of the piston rod, the oil is always brought out. However, this leakage is required to be as small as possible. On the contrary, if the piston rod reciprocates without any oil, the piston rod is in dry friction, which will affect the working performance and life of the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic seals are the core of hydraulic equipment and the guarantee for the normal operation of hydraulic equipment! Selection of hydraulic seals: First of all, we must understand the working performance, working pressure, working oil temperature, working medium hydraulic oil and moving speed of the hydraulic equipment in the factory. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the structural form, sealing characteristics, price and performance of the sealing material of the hydraulic seal, ensure the design and manufacture quality of the seal, the sealing surface, the sealing groove and the assembly quality of the seal, and enhance the pollution and protection of the hydraulic oil. Awareness, strengthen the supervision and detection of hydraulic oil pollution, hydraulic oil pollution should be replaced in time, and do a good job in the storage and preservation of hydraulic seals. Based on this, a comprehensive analysis and comparison are carried out, and common hydraulic seals with suitable materials and suitable structural forms are selected from them. Installation of hydraulic seals: 1. Check the relevant surfaces of the piston, cylinder barrel and installation guide sleeve, and make sure they are clean, free of burrs and edges. 2. The installation tool is required to be smooth, without edges and sharp corners to ensure that the seal will not be damaged in any form during the installation process (Othello's OTH-0003 special installation tool for hydraulic seals is recommended). 3 When installing, a small amount of grease can be placed on the relevant surface of the seal and the cylinder to facilitate installation, but no grease is allowed to remain between the rubber seals elastomer and the sliding seal ring, otherwise it will affect the sealing performance. 4. Whether it is vertical or horizontal installation, the coaxiality of the piston and the cylinder should be maintained. Excessive eccentricity is likely to damage the seal. 5. The installation speed should not be too fast, otherwise the seal will be damaged. Storage and storage of hydraulic seals: When storing and storing hydraulic seals, the hydraulic seals should be placed in a sealed moisture-proof plastic bag such as PTFE, and the storage date should be recorded, and then stored in a dark place to avoid Improper storage and storage such as high temperature or direct sunlight will reduce its sealing performance. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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