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O-ring and gasket is the same and differences

by:ORK      2020-07-29
As the society the constant development and progress of The Times, in today's society o-ring and gasket is widely used in industry and life, but probably we will struggle to the end what kind of sealing is better? Take you to get to know them the same and differences. O-ring and gasket in common: both satisfy the implied conditions: when sealing contact pressure is greater than be sealing medium pressure, keep the sealing effect; Sealing contact pressure were sealing medium pressure is less than, gaskets or o-ring is open, medium appear a large number of leaks. The difference between the o-ring and gasket, flat gasket seal gasket, flange and bolt, constitute a complex statically indeterminate system; The sealing contact pressure is provided by the deformation of the bolt. Flat gasket contact pressure distribution is uniform at work, when the medium pressure fluctuation, is greater than the contact pressure, leakage may occur. In contrast: for constant pressure conditions, both can match; But for the variable working condition, when the pressure rises, probably is beyond the scope of gasket contact pressure, open medium sealing clearance leakage. Finish o-ring gasket. On the application, used only for static sealing gasket, o-ring can be used for static seal, dynamic seal can also be used for reciprocating linear motion. The sealing gasket on the design, design is not strict, traditional methods of new design code is in the process of experimental study on the flange gasket; O-ring design just determined based on the groove size, simple and useful, convenient and practical. In fact, both o-ring and gasket, the most important is appropriate, can play a role of the seal was better. Our rubber seals seal factory is according to the real needs of customers tailor-made, we also have professional engineer team tailored for you. If you have question, welcome to the website consultation: /
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