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O-ring assembly deformation limit

by:ORK      2022-10-26
The degree of deformation of the O-ring assembly is limited. Due to the different degree of initial deformation and the hardness of the sealing material, the compression pressure of the O-ring is also different. ●Tension and compression are two types of O ring manufactures installed in the groove. In the radial seal configuration, the O-ring is installed in the inner groove (as“Outer seal”), the O-ring must be stretched, and its inner diameter must be stretched larger than the outer diameter of the groove. In the installed state, the maximum elongation of the O-ring should be 3% (inner diameter > 50mm) or 5%. When the O-ring is installed in the outer groove (as“Inner circle seal”), the O-ring is compressed along the circumference of the circumference. In the installed state, the maximum perimeter compression is 1%. Exceeding the above stretch or compression amount will result in an excessive increase or decrease in the cross-sectional size of the O-ring, which will affect the working life of the O-ring. The O-ring is deformed in the axial direction. Under the action of pressure, the O-ring will creep radially, so pay attention to the direction of the pressure. ●If the pressure comes from the inside, the outer diameter of the O-ring should be in contact with the outer diameter of the groove (the compression of its circumference is less than 1%). ●If the pressure comes from the outside, the inner diameter of the O-ring should be in contact with the inner diameter of the groove, and the maximum allowable stretch is 3%. Vacuum seal is a special O-ring seal, and the pressure of the sealed system is lower than 1 standard atmospheric pressure (patm=101.325Kpa). Vacuum seals are usually different from hydraulic static seals, and their application and installation groove size requirements are as follows:——The installation groove space is almost 100% filled by the deformed volume of the O-ring, which can increase the contact area and prolong the diffusion time of the gas through the elastomer.——The compression deformation of the O-ring section is about 30%——Vacuum grease should be used——The surface finish of the installation groove should be considered higher than that of the hydraulic static seal.——The O-ring should be made of gas compatible, low permeability and low compression deformation materials. Here, we recommend fluororubber or perfluoroelastomer. O-ring assembly retaining ring selection conditions Extrusion limit and clearance O-ring will deform under the action of medium pressure in the groove,“flow”To the gap position, to achieve the sealing effect. That is, as the pressure increases, the O-ring deforms more and its stress increases, resulting in a tighter seal.
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