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O-ring manufacturers share the proper installation steps for vulcanized rubber o-rings

by:ORK      2022-11-20
O-ring manufacturers can customize and manufacture o-ring products that meet the conditions according to customer satisfaction. Vulcanized rubber are the most common at this stage. In order to improve the performance indicators of the vulcanized rubber o-ring, it must be properly installed and applied, and the following points must be paid attention to when installing the vulcanized rubber seals o-ring, so as to ensure its excellent sealing properties. Although the installation method is simple, the key points and problems must still be paid attention to. The following o-ring manufacturers will take us to master: 1. The installation of O-rings (o-type silicone seals) requires the installation of O-rings (). Before the silicone sealing ring), check the following categories: 1. Whether the lead-in angle is produced and processed according to the engineering drawing and whether the sharp edge is rounded or rounded; 2. Whether the nominal diameter has zero pollution on the surface of the burr; 3. Hydraulic sealing Whether the parts and components have been wiped with lubricating grease or lubricant (to ensure the compatibility of the polyurethane elastomer material, it is strongly recommended to use the sealing liquid to lubricate); 4. Lubricating grease containing solid preservatives should not be used. Such as MoS2, zinc sulfide. o-ring manufacturer 2. Manually make and install O-rings (o-type silicone seals): 1. Use special tools without sharp edges; 2. Ensure that the O-rings (o-type silicone seals) are not distorted, not too much Lashen O-ring (o-type silicone sealing ring); 3. Use auxiliary software to install O-ring (o-type silicone sealing ring) as much as possible, and ensure proper and accurate positioning; 4. For the O-ring bonded with sealing tape Rings (o-type silicone seals) should not be stretched at the junction. 3. Installation screws, splines, etc. 1. After the O-ring (O-type silicone sealing ring) is pulled, it is necessary to install the mandrel according to the screws, splines, grooves, etc. The mandrel can be made of soft and clean metal material or plastic without burrs or sharp edges. 2. When installing the clamping screws, the screws should be tightened symmetrically, not in the order of orientation. No matter how high-quality vulcanized rubber seals O-rings are, if the installation or actual operation is not good, it will greatly harm the characteristics of the product itself. Therefore, the manufacturer reminds companies that they must carry out installation in accordance with the standard regulations before application to ensure that everything works normally. application. There are many o-ring manufacturers on the market now, and the quality and price of the they sell in the market must be different. When purchasing, everyone must select high-quality products according to the specific production and manufacturing, so that they can give full play to Its great performance indicators.
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