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O-ring rubber seal

by:ORK      2022-11-20
O-shaped rubber seals sealing ring is a kind of sealing element with a circular cross-sectional shape. It is widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment. It plays a sealing role in a certain temperature, pressure and different liquid or gas media. It is similar to other sealing rings. It has the following superior performances: 1. The structure of the sealing part is simple, the installation part is compact, and the weight is lighter. ②. It has a self-sealing effect, and often only one seal can be used to complete the sealing effect. ③, good sealing performance, almost no leakage when used as a fixed seal, and some leakage only when the speed is high when used as a moving seal. 4. The frictional resistance of movement is very small, and it can also adapt to the occasion of alternating pressure. ⑤. The size and groove have been standardized, the cost is low, the product is easy to obtain, and it is easy to use and purchase. Compared with other sealing rings, there are also the following three problems: 1. The frictional resistance when starting is large. 2. When used as a seal for pneumatic devices, lubricating oil must be added to prevent wear. 3. The processing size and precision of coupling accessories, such as moving surfaces, grooves, gaps, etc., are very strict. Company website:
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