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O-ring sealed groove

by:ORK      2022-11-19
Groove design includes determining the shape, size, precision and surface roughness of the groove. For dynamic seals, the relative movement clearance should also be determined. The principle of groove design is: easy processing, reasonable given size, easy to ensure accuracy, convenient assembly and disassembly of O ring manufactures, etc. The common groove shape is rectangular groove width. The groove width is mainly considered from the following three aspects: 1) The groove width must be larger than the maximum diameter of the O-ring after compression and deformation; 2) The expansion of the O-ring due to the heat generated during transportation and the medium must be considered 3) It must be ensured that there is a certain space in the groove for the O-ring to roll freely during the reciprocating motion. It is generally believed that the cross-sectional area of ​​the O-ring should account for at least 85% of the cross-sectional area of ​​the rectangular groove. In many cases, the groove width is 1.5 times the diameter of the O-ring section. The groove is not easy to be too narrow. If the cross section of the O-ring fills the cross-section of the groove (this is the narrowest limit), the frictional resistance during movement will be particularly large, because the O-ring cannot roll at this time, causing serious wear and tear. . The groove should not be too wide, because when it is too wide, the O-ring has a large swimming range and is easy to wear. In special static seals, if the working pressure is pulsating, the static seal will“not quiet”, it will swim at the same pulsation frequency in an unsuitable wide groove, abnormal wear occurs, and the O-ring is quickly damaged. It should be pointed out that when the internal pressure is very high, a retaining ring must be used, and the groove width should be increased accordingly. Groove depth The groove depth is the key dimension for the O-ring to work well, which mainly depends on the compression deformation of the O-ring. This deformation has the compression deformation at the inner diameter of the O-ringδ′and compressive deformation at the outer diameterδ′′composed ofδ=δ′+δ′′(Figure 5-9), whenδ′=δ′′When , the center of the cross-section of the O-ring coincides with the center of the cross-section of the groove, and the circumferences of the two center circles are equal, indicating that the O-ring is not stretched during installation. likeδ′>δ′′, then the central circle of the O-ring section is less than the circumference of the central circle of the groove, indicating that the O-ring is installed in the groove in a stretched state. likeδ′<δ′′, then the central circumference of the O-ring section is greater than the central circumference of the groove section. At this time, the O-ring is used with circumferential compression, and the O-ring will bounce when disassembled. When designing the groove depth, the use method of the O-ring should be determined first, and then a reasonable compression deformation rate should be selected. Generally, the usage mode of Figure 5-9B should be adopted. However, when the O-ring is used as a piston seal, in order to make the friction of the contact surface light, the use method shown in Figure 5-9C is mostly used. When used as a shaft seal, in order to make the friction of the inner peripheral contact surface light, the use method shown in Figure 5-9A is often used. Company website:
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