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Oil resistance of rubber O-rings in different materials

by:ORK      2022-11-08
Oil resistance of different materials of rubber O ring manufactures 3. Mineral oil resistance: NBR rubber has good mineral oil resistance. Due to the increased acrylonitrile content, its resistance to mineral oil will be improved. However, if the acrylonitrile content is too high, it does not mean that its temperature resistance will be improved. Once the oil temperature reaches 150 degrees, NBR is not suitable for use. In this case, acrylate rubber should be used. . Hydrogenated nitrile rubber. Fluorosilicone rubber and its fluorosilicone rubber. When the oil temperature reaches 150 degrees, fluorine rubber FKM, fluorine silicone rubber seals FMVQ it has particularly good resistance to mineral oil, but the cost of these materials is very high. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers will use fluoropolymer FKM with less than 50% acrylate rubber, and for vulcanizates, no more than 20% acrylate rubber must be added. 4. Acid oxidation resistance fuel performance: For acid oxidation fuel, the hydroperoxide in acid oxidation fuel can reduce the performance of sulfide rubber, so sulfide rubber seals is generally not used in the fuel system. Most of the time, manufacturers will use butyl Although rubber and chlorohydrin rubber have short resistance to acid oxidation fuel, they cannot meet the needs of acid oxidation resistance fuel after long-term use. Only fluoroelastomer materials have good acid and oxidation resistance, such as hydrogenated nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber FKM, fluorosilicone rubber seals FMVQ fluorinated phosphorus cyanide. O-ring Ordinary nitrile rubber cannot work for a long time in 125 degree acid gasoline. Only low sulfur sulfur is used for cadmium oxidation activity. Nitrile rubber with sulfur body and white carbon black as the main raw materials has excellent acid resistance to gasoline. If some acrylic acid is properly added to the material, the water permeability of sour gasoline can be reduced.
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