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by:ORK      2020-07-10
The rotary oil seal ( Dynamic seal) Or a car, Axis movement seal) Is due to the different conditions of use requirements, determine the oil seal should be chosen by the rubber oil seal material and performance requirements, the following key on the silicone rubber oil seal performance and the characteristics and shortcomings are? A, silicone rubber ( Hereinafter referred to as MQ; ) 1. Made of silicone rubber seals oil seal has what characteristics? Made of silicone rubber oil seal, Seal) Advantages can be - 100 ℃ to + 300 ℃ can maintain its elasticity of rubber sealing material, for a long time at 400 ℃ can also work for a few hours later, high temperature resistant performance is excellent, in addition, also has excellent thermal stability and electrical insulation, weather resistance, ozone resistance, permeability, high transparency, excellent heat dissipation, and excellent adhesion, liquidity and demoulding, using temperature range, silicone rubber sealing material can not only maintain flexibility, resilience, and mechanical properties of surface hardness also has no obvious change, and can withstand the heat aging over a long period of time. 2. What are the disadvantages of silicone rubber oil seal is made of? Made of silicone rubber seals oil seal, Seal) Defect is low mechanical strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance is poor, vulcanization molding contraction size large, when production is not easy to control size. 3. Silicon rubber oil seal can be used in any industry, What application in mechanical equipment or environment) ? Because of the silicone rubber seals oil seal (made of Seal) Special performance, he is widely used in aerospace, instrumentation, electronic appliances, Marine, metallurgy seals, machinery, auto oil seal, seal aspects of medical and health departments on demand. Want to know more information seals, can focus on website, if you need custom seals, can call 24 h online service hotline:
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