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Oil seal rubber oil seal packing

by:ORK      2020-07-10
Qualified rubber seals oil seal shall meet the following conditions: 1, the code label on the end face accords with the need to 2, smooth surface, no defects, no deformation. 3, take shape skeleton of rubber oil seal, face was positively circle, put on the glass plate should be fit with the glass surface, no interference phenomenon. 4, frameless oil seal should be correct, to the outer end face level off, use hand make its deformation, to restore to its original shape after let go. 5, in the entire history of the circumference of a circle of blade shape, thickness should be consistent, with accessories fitting, in supporting the neck edge should be tight fit. 6, rubber oil seal with spring, spring should be no rust, no deformation, and can be a strong card in spring groove. In 50 * 72 * 12 rubber seals oil seal, for example. Make oil seal from 1 m high free fall to the ground, if every fall off spring is not more than 5 times, then you can think spring with oil seal is good. 7, JingXiaoZhe batch buy rubber oil seal, can take samples first do immersion test, measuring the quality rate. Such as oil seal in 25 # transformer oil in ( 70± 5) Soak degrees temperature after 24 h, its quality rate should be 3% 5%. If you want to know more about knowledge seal, which can focus on website, if you want to customize the seals, please come to us from the article, reprint please indicate the source
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