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On-site location management of rubber enterprises

by:ORK      2022-10-16
Overview of Fixed Management Talking about the on-site management of rubber companies, powerful companies and companies willing to invest now attach great importance to on-site management, which is the key point that determines product quality, work efficiency and civilized production. The fixed management in the field management can better reflect the management level and execution ability of modern civilization. Especially for small rubber companies, you don't know if you don't go to the site. When you go in, you find that the ground you walk on is covered with film. The molds are stacked at will, and they cannot be found when they are used. The raw materials of sizing additives are piled up there when they are free, and the products are stored in disorder. Large-scale rubber enterprises do relatively well in fixed management, but there is still a gap with the fixed management of refined and scientific overall planning. The placement in the placement management The placement in the placement management may be understood by ordinary people as, that is, to fix the object at the designated place. In fact, its deeper meaning is to divide a reasonable placement place according to the efficiency and quality performance requirements of the planned production of the production process activities and the different requirements of the semi-finished products of the materials. Determine the state of the material at the work site, as the information medium for the contact between the production operator and the material, which is conducive to the organic combination of the human-machine-material law, more effectively ensure the orderly production operation, and plan the material, equipment and tools. scientific placement of methods, called field-managed"fixed", To put it simply, it is to remove unnecessary things in the production process through persistent daily sorting (instead of dealing with visits and customer inspections), continuously improve the clean and civilized operating conditions on the production site, use the place scientifically, and ask for space requirements. Benefit, through rectification, it is convenient to coordinate between people and things, so that the objects needed in production can be quickly and easily available. So as to realize the standardization and scientific management of the production site. The premise of positioning management is the scientific positioning of things on the scene, and the above-mentioned positioning"medium", it is based on a complete information system. This information medium, simply put, is confirmation information, such as the name and code of the logo; guidance information, such as the operator being guided to the object to be picked up, the location of the floor plan, the account, etc. Fixed management Fixed management, not only means that all objects are placed in fixed positions, but also includes“free”position, some rubber accessories can be freely placed within the specified range according to the needs of the operation, but the operator should be convenient to operate by improving the information processing method of information identification. If an enterprise establishes a set-up management work procedure systematically, it should include: preparation stage (establish a corresponding off-the-job organization, formulate plans for on-site training and on-site mobilization), design stage (on-site investigation and analysis, formulate set-up standards and draw set-up diagrams), implementation stage (each The first-level managers are the first to mobilize employees to strictly follow the set map to scientifically set up, and each team will conduct self-examination), and consolidate and improve the stage. This is also the most work-in-progress. It is not difficult to get set management. Do the face project, day after day, year after year, from“want me to do”inevitable, sublimated to“I want to do it”the realm of self-control. The content of enterprise setting management is far more than the production workshop site, and its content also involves the entire field of the enterprise. For example, production work area (office area, warehouse, abandoned yard, parking lot, bathroom, product display hall, negotiation, reception area, conference room, etc.); living area, which is often overlooked (such as public health facilities, environment, canteen, dormitory, room hygiene, etc.), if you want to truly In order to achieve all-round customized management of enterprises, we must do our best and do not engage in concepts."constant"Words work hard. Setting management is the realization of“green rubber”important part of. As long as you work hard, you will do well. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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