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Overview of Seal Installation Selection Issues

by:ORK      2022-11-12
Overview of sealing ring installation and selection issues 1. The piston and cylinder liner, that is, the piston seal, is a dynamic seal, the common Gley ring (combined seal), the pressure can reach 40MPa, the double seal, (when reducing the gap. When choosing different materials, even 2. Pistons and hydraulic cylinders are generally statically sealed, 20MPa O ring manufactures are generally used for the following, and O ring manufactures are used with a retaining ring on the 20MPa, double-pressure plus Two retaining rings, of course, also have dumbbell seals. The rectangular ring can withstand pressure up to 50MPa. 3. The seal between the guide bush and the hydraulic cylinder is a dynamic seal, that is, the rod seal is a common st seal, followed by a U-ring, one-way pressure . The combination of the two ensures reliable sealing, and the pressure can reach 40MPa. The guide belts on both sides of the seal are used to support and guide , 20MPa above with an O-ring with a retaining ring, double pressure plus two retaining rings, of course, there are also dumbbell seals. The rectangular ring can withstand pressure up to 50MPa. The cover must use a dust ring to avoid dust, etc. 4. The inner hole tolerance of the cylinder liner It is H8 grade, rod tolerance is f7 grade, piston and hydraulic cylinder H8/shaft f7, seal groove bottom diameter hole H9, shaft is h9. These seal samples show that the seal between the guide bush and the hydraulic cylinder is a dynamic seal, the gap Generally 0.2-0.4mm, the greater the pressure, the smaller the gap. This is indeed a complex issue. Different seals are selected for oil cylinders under different working conditions. The above are common. You can find samples of seals from different brands, such as Parker.Brosé Xiaban.NOK.MELKEL, etc. It is an experience-gaining process that requires constant exploration.
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