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Overview of the application of fluororubber

by:ORK      2022-10-20
Fluorine rubber has excellent comprehensive properties. It not only has good physical properties, but also has high temperature resistance and material resistance characteristics. Therefore, its application range is widespread, and now a brief description of the application of fluororubber is made. (1) High temperature tightness The deep water well thermometer is a detection method for oil and gas fields touching high temperature and high pressure. After the selection of fluororubber vulcanized rubber seals management system, the secret recipe for maintaining strength reliability at high temperature was found to ensure the effective pairing of strength required for high pressure sealing. After the application company simulated the experiment in the room of 200 ℃ and 50MPa, the other party's tightness regulations were achieved. After that, the relevant processing plants of the Ministry of Petroleum developed the sealing rings of 180℃, 140MPa and 250℃, 100MPa. After continuous experiments, they have solved the other side's problems. The operating temperature of the fluororubber O-ring used in the cylinder liner of Chefeng 4 diesel locomotive is between 180 and 204 °C (there are 32 types of O ring manufactures for each electric locomotive cylinder liner). After 10,000 hours of long-term evaluation, it still maintains Stable tightness condition. After the overhaul, the shrinkage and deformation of the O-ring are not large, and the customer is satisfied. Research and development of high temperature and high toughness fluororubber ring, high temperature and high pressure valve sealing ring for supporting facilities of Qingdao Huangdao Project. It is in accordance with the W-K-M gate valve technical standard of the British ACF company, and the strength of its fluorine rubber is 94±30. Fluorine rubber and relative processing aids are selected to deal with the high-toughness mutual coordination technology, which has been accepted according to the engineering project, and the capital has been invested in mass production. The sealing performance of high temperature and low pressure valves: this is a large specification with a working pressure below 1.6MPa (the client's specificationΦ1000~3000㎜) the tightness of cast iron valves, people are responsible for the research and development of hydraulic seals for anti-corrosion substances and heat-resistant gate valve supporting facilities, and focus on dealing with the production process problems of large cross-section dovetail rubber seals rings, which is the application of fluorine rubber. New ways to connect. Since 1980, most of its operating temperatures have been operating at 200-250 °C, and it is suitable for airlines, metallurgical industry, power engineering, crude oil, chemical plants, and large and medium-sized factories and mines. (2) Application of vacuum pump equipment and machinery Fluorine rubber has low air permeability in each vulcanized rubber. After adding the reinforcing filler, a part of the gap of the polymer material is filled, the gap of the fluororubber is reduced, and the air permeability decreases. In order to find out the vacuum pump exhaust rate and vacuum pump weight loss of fluororubber, people have concentrated the comparative experiments of vulcanized rubber. From the comparison of several types of vulcanized rubber, the vacuum pump exhaust rate and vacuum pump weight loss of vulcanized rubber are all the least. Therefore, fluorine rubber is a good raw material for vacuum pump sealing. (3) Application of ultra-low temperature sealing Generally, fluororubber loses the high elasticity of vulcanized rubber at -20 °C. Its dynamic application temperature limit is -29 °C, and it becomes hard and brittle at -34 °C. Therefore, the ultra-low temperature properties of fluororubber are not ideal. However, because of the ductility of fluororubber (under ultra-low temperature), it can be fully exerted at ultra-low temperature.
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