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Performance Analysis and Application of Sealing Ring

by:ORK      2022-11-12
Neoprene O-ring O-ring O-ring One Molecular Structure C1—(CH2—C=CH—CH2) Non-sulfur tune C1—(CH2—C=CH—CH2) Sn sulfur tone N=80——110 Two physical and chemical properties Neoprene O-ring O-ring is a copolymer of chlorine and butadiene, which is a polar rubber between saturated and unsaturated. In 1935, the world's earliest commercial synthetic rubber was synthesized in the United States . In general, neoprene O-ring O ring manufactures have relatively good ozone resistance (better than NR, SBR, NBR is worse than EPDM, IIR), weather resistance, chemical resistance, and aging resistance. Oil resistance is slightly worse than NBR. At the same time, it has good mechanical properties, flame retardancy and good low temperature elasticity. It is not resistant to petroleum-based lubricants or oxidation. Three temperature ranges -40°C~100°C, short-term up to 125°C Four hardness ranges Shore A 30 degrees to 90 degrees Five colors black, white, yellow and blue, also can be specified by customers Six applications Neoprene can be used for manufacturing Heat-resistant conveyor belts, wire and cable sheaths, oil-resistant rubber seals products, sealing strips for construction, road caulking sealants, bridge supports, wire waterproofing caps for oil fields, oil-resistant rubber hoses for automobiles, and acid and alkali-resistant rubber products. It can also be used in the manufacture of water-resistant rubber products, weather-resistant aging products, rental and combustion products, various seals, gaskets and other products and neoprene adhesive sticks. Neoprene is also commonly used in refrigerant R22 systems. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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