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Performance characteristics of epdm foam sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-27
Epdm is commonly used in sealing strip of material, it can according to different need to do to make solid foam sealing strip, sealing strip, today to chat with you performance characteristics of the epdm foam sealing strip. 1, epdm foam sealing strip has excellent weather resistance, weatherability refers to has the long-term ability to resist cold, hot, dry, wet, the rain and snow water erosion have bright good corrosion resistance, common use and outdoor products, 2, heat aging refers to have a thorough knowledge of the hot air aging resistance. But in 100 - for a long time Use below 120 ℃, - in 140 Under 150 ℃ can keep effective properties for a long period; 3, because of the epdm foam sealing strip has good ozone resistance, also known as & other No crack rubber seals & throughout; , especially the application in different atmospheric index, completely exposed to all kinds of city building in the air, more can show the superiority of its products; 4, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, for high-rise building occupants to protect the environment, corona resistance, electric crack resistance, arc resistance, is also very good; 5, because the epdm foam sealing strip has excellent physical and mechanical properties, thus has often been used in the manufacture of aircraft, cars, trains, buses, ships, high and low voltage switchgear, glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy heat sealing parts and diving products such as window waterproof parts and other industrial and agricultural seal parts. 18 years sealing strip factory, for different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat resistance, weather resistance, oil resistance, foaming, solid, and has special performance requirements of the product, can according to need to design custom type O, P, D, U since the glue sealing strip, special seals, gaskets, sealing tape, etc.
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