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Physical and chemical properties of silicone roller sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-29
Physical and chemical properties of silicone roller seals The silicone roller should be based on silicon obtained from quartz as a carrier, and adhered by silicon atoms such as hydroxyl groups. Saturated non-polar rubber seals is formed by side chains such as vinyl. Different side chains lead to different properties of the silica gel. Hydroxy vinyl silicone rubber seals (VMQ) is a widely used silicone rubber material. The silicone roller has excellent temperature resistance, low temperature elasticity and excellent oxidation resistance and ozone performance, with high air permeability and selective gas passage. Good electrical insulation properties (volume resistance over 10 Euro.cm, breakdown field strength over 30kv/mm), corona and arc resistance. But add conductive carbon black. .Nickel powder.Aluminum powder.Silver powder can also obtain moderate conductivity (volume resistance can lead to 5-0.02 ohm.cm). The surface of the silicone roller is low, has water absorption, and can play a role in isolation. Water resistance, but water resistance above 50psi is not recommended. And the vast majority of oils. Adapt to chemicals and solvents. Generally, silica gel has good acid and alkali resistance, polar solvent resistance, but not alkane hydrogen and aromatic oil. Not recommended for most extraction solvents. Oils. In concentrated acid and diluted caustic soda solutions. The special silica gel also has the properties of radiation resistance, flame resistance and oil resistance. It has low tensile strength and weak wear resistance, and generally does not require dynamic sealing. Temperature range -60℃~225℃, the high temperature of the unique silica gel can reach 300℃, and the low temperature can lead to -100℃. (TR10 can be at -100℃)
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