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Physical properties of silicone O-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-14
Physical properties of silicone O-rings Mechanical properties of silicone rubber O-rings Mechanical properties of silicone rubber O-rings 1. Anti-aging Silicone material has stronger temperature resistance, radiation intensity and weather resistance than other textile materials. The application period of silicone materials under topography can reach several decades. 2. Physiological ductility The silicone O-ring is very resistant to the aging of microbial strains, has no rejection reaction with the animal body, and has good anticoagulant characteristics. 3. Low interfacial tension and low surface layer of silicone products O-ring low surface tension and low surface are the core reasons why it is used in all walks of life: water absorption, demulsification, foam stability, degumming, lubrication, varnish, etc. Such excellent features. 4. The flame retardant grade of electrical equipment and silicone products all have good insulating layer characteristics, and their dielectric loss, working standard voltage resistance, electric isolation resistance, arc discharge resistance, capacity resistor index and volume resistivity index values ​​are all in the insulation. Casing materials are far ahead, and their electrical engineering characteristics are not compromised by temperature and output power. Therefore, they are a relatively stable raw material for electrical cable sheathing and are widely used in the industrial production of electronic components and electrical equipment. In addition to good heat resistance, silicone materials also have excellent water solubility, which is also a guarantee of high reliability of electrical equipment under wet standards. 5. Heat-resistant characteristics Silicone materials are not only heat-resistant, but also ultra-low temperature resistant, and can be used in a wide range of natural environment temperatures. Whether it is analytical chemical characteristics or physical and mechanical properties, there is little change with temperature.
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