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Plastic deformation is the basic concept of rubber gasket sealing

by:ORK      2022-11-19
gaskets Leakage is essentially the fluidity of matter in the interior space, that is, from insufficient fluidity in the interior space to the infinite interior space, that is, from the interior fluidity to the outside world, and vice versa. The reason for the fluidity of substances between each other means that the driving force in the leakage province comes from. The leakage generally occurs on both sides of the junction layer. There are two criteria: first, there is a cross section that can leak at the intersection, and the second is , there is a necessary pressure difference or concentration value difference on both sides. First of all, there are more or less precision problems in the production and processing of all mechanical equipment or mechanical equipment. It is inevitable that there will be gaps on the convex surface, and there is no way to exceed a complete fit, especially when the surface strength of both is Higher, when plastic deformation cannot be found, such as the connection of flange joints, and the advantages of substances, especially gas and liquid, are hard to prevent. So leaks are inevitable. To understand the reason for the leakage, we must start from two aspects to eliminate the problem. First, how to reduce the leakage cross-section, and second, to reduce the driving force of leakage. Overall frictional resistance to improve fluidity. The best method here is to choose a rubber seals gasket, because the rubber seals gasket can produce plastic deformation after releasing sufficient moment force on the raised surface. The local stress expands enough to cause significant plastic deformation of the surface layer, which can fill the gap of the convex surface and block the leakage safety channel. The purpose of using the gasket is to use the gasket material to easily cause plastic deformation under the effect of clamping load, so that it can smooth the subtle unevenness of the flange surface, so as to achieve sealing.
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