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Polyurethane rigid foam insulation has become the leading product of thermal insulation and energy saving

by:ORK      2022-10-13
In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's building energy-saving market, polyurethane rigid foam insulation products have been widely used in the field of building insulation and waterproofing, and have become one of the leading insulation and energy-saving products in the market. Polyurethane rigid foam insulation material for construction industry is an important branch of the polyurethane industry. Polyurethane rigid foam breaks the common problems of traditional building materials, such as single function of waterproof, non-insulation of insulation, and non-waterproof of insulation. Once the waterproof layer leaks, the insulation layer will lose its insulation function. Compared with other single-function thermal insulation or waterproof materials, polyurethane rigid foam has obvious advantages: 1. Polyurethane rigid foam has a multi-purpose function, and has many functions such as thermal insulation, waterproofing, sound insulation, and vibration absorption; 2. Excellent thermal insulation performance, It is currently the lowest thermal conductivity of all building materials in China (≤0.024, green and environmentally friendly fluorine-free foaming technology), the thermal insulation material with the highest thermal resistance value, the thermal conductivity is only half of EPS foamed polystyrene board; 3. The polyurethane rigid foam has continuous and dense skin and nearly 100% high Strength interconnected wall closed cells with ideal water impermeability. The spraying method is used to achieve continuous and seamless waterproof insulation layer, forming a seamless roof and an overall outer wall insulation shell, with excellent waterproof and impermeability; 4. Super self-adhesive performance (without any intermediate bonding material), and The roof and exterior walls are firmly bonded, and the wind resistance and negative wind pressure resistance are good; 5. The overall spraying construction can completely eliminate the“hot festival”and“cold bridge”; 6. The flexible gradient technology can effectively prevent the waterproof layer from cracking; 7. Mechanized operation, automatic batching, uniform quality, fast construction and short cycle; 8. Stable chemical properties, long service life, and no pollution to the surrounding environment; 9. From open fire Self-extinguishing, and only carbonized without dripping when burning, the size and shape of the carbonized layer are basically unchanged, which can effectively block the entry of air, prevent the spread of fire, and has good fire safety performance. In addition, the performance of the rigid polyurethane foam material itself has a significant impact on the safety, thermal insulation and waterproof functions of the building, so great attention must be paid to the selection of materials. Company website:
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