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Precautions for selecting fluororubber O-ring seals

by:ORK      2022-10-28
Precautions for selecting fluororubber O-ring seals 1. Sealing method: According to the load, it can be divided into data format airtightness and dynamic airtightness. According to the main purpose of airtightness, it can be divided into rotary seal, hole airtightness And the tightness of the shaft, according to the way of the machine, it can be divided into the axial machine and the radial machine. 2. Chemical substances and working environment at work: It is necessary to comprehensively consider the compatibility of chemical substances in work, and also need to comprehensively consider the pressure, temperature, continuous operation time, running time, etc. of the airtight place. When rotating the venue, it is also necessary to fully consider the temperature details caused by frictional heat. 3. Decrease in torque shrinkage: Generally, the seals are assembled in the base cushion. In order to ensure the expected effect of airtightness, an initial tightening amount should be embedded in the parts, but it should be noted that the use environment is different. Torque curtailment drops are not the same. 4. Pulling and tightening: The values ​​of pulling and tightening should be appropriate, neither too large nor too small. If the values ​​of pulling and tightening are too large, it may cause the cross-section of the seal to expand or decrease too much. Rashen 1%, the section diameter will be reduced by 0.5%. 5. Tighten long-term deformation: Under the direct relationship of pressure, the seal will continue to cause elastic deformation. In order to avoid long-term deformation, the tightening amount of the sealing ring should be adjusted to 30% to 20%. 6. Hardness: The hardness determines the amount of tightening and the excavation of the groove to squeeze the gap, which is the main factor that damages the airtightness.
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