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Precautions when installing and using silicone seals

by:ORK      2022-11-17
Precautions when installing and using silicone seals Among many seals, silicone seals are the best. It has the characteristics of tasteless, non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and cold resistance at ℃ and minus ninety ℃“poised”.“calm down”, still loses its original strength and elasticity. Silicone sealing ring also has good electrical insulation properties, anti-oxidation and aging resistance, light resistance and aging resistance, chemical stability, etc. The application range is very wide, and the development in the market is very promising. The following mainly introduces the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing the silicone sealing ring. Question 1. When installing, be sure to pay attention to the direction of the upper sign. If the direction is wrong, it cannot be installed. There is a problem when pressing it. Edges can be damaged, causing air and water leaks and breaking the seal. Problem 2. After installation, preliminary inspection and testing should be carried out to see if the installation is correct. For heat-resistant silicone seals, avoid high temperatures and burns during use. Problem 3. The quality of the silicone sealing ring should be strictly checked. Different sealing rings have different application products and cannot be replaced at will. Old seals that must be replaced according to the specifications and dimensions in the instructions. Problem 4. Before replacing and installing the sealing ring, special tools should be used to disassemble and clean the internal components to ensure cleanliness. When installing the silicone sealing ring, we must pay attention to the above four problems. In addition, when upgrading silicone sealing rings, you should also pay attention to the different finished products and different uses of each sealing ring. For example, heat-resistant silicone seals are mainly used for electrical seals. Sealing crude oil and other storage containers. Must operate as specified.
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