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Premium Features of Silicone O-Rings

by:ORK      2022-10-19
High-quality characteristics of silicone O-rings Silicone O-rings have excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, and atmospheric aging resistance. Has good insulating properties. However, the compressive strength is worse than that of general rubber seals, and it is not resistant to oil. A synthetic rubber made from a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile. It is oil resistant. Synthetic rubber has good aging resistance. The content (%) of acrylonitrile in nitrile rubber is 42~466.36~41.31~35.25~30.18~24. The higher the acrylonitrile content, the better the oil resistance, but the corresponding reduction in cold resistance. It can reach 120℃ air or 150℃ oil for medium and long term application. In addition, it also has good waterproof performance, sealing and good adhesion. Features of silicone O-ring: 1. Simple structure, unique sealing performance, simple cross-sectional structure of O-ring rubber, self-sealing, reliable sealing performance. 2. The parts of the simple O-type rubber seals seal and the installation structure are simple and have been standardized, so the replacement is very simple, put the feet. 3. Suitable for various plastic materials and formulation designs for sealing oil, water, gas, gas and various chemical substances. The importance of the tightness of rubber O-rings Today, I would like to introduce to you the severity of the ineffectiveness of rubber seals O ring manufactures? Because rubber O-rings have been widely used in our daily life, from ships to ships. Vehicles. Aerospace equipment, small to our usual faucets, air valves, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, floor washing machines, etc., when a Some devices have unimaginable results when small seal rings are ineffective. I have roughly summed up four reasons for ineffectiveness, which are as follows: 1. Planning mistakes: formed due to the lack of understanding of the product by the planners. For example, it is estimated that there is a lack of pressure on the seal. The understanding of the contact stress distribution of the raised surface is wrong. The planning of the pipe groove where the seal is placed is unscientific, etc. 2. Questions about the quality of the seal: the production quality of the seal and the stability of the final product sex is closely related. We should pass repeated surveys in production. Surveys and product testing. In the supply process, the manufacturer of the seals can also be required to provide real and accurate inspection instructions. 3. Wrong material selection: There are several common rubber sealing materials, and their characteristics are different, so their applications are also different. Therefore, when choosing materials, we should think in many ways and learn more about the common sense of O-ring seals 4. Improper application of seals: a good seal, if not applied properly, will also lead to invalidation of all commodities, such as the application of lubricating oil An important part of the ineffectiveness analysis of rubber O ring manufactures is an on-site investigation of the seal production process or application side equipment. Application process. For example, the sealing material may be contaminated by laboratory analysis. To determine this guesswork, analysts would be better off going to the manufacturer and doing a site survey to see what the operating clearances are, and taking samples at every possible stage of production. If a field sample confirms the analytical results, a diagnosis can be made. The results could help manufacturers improve production steps to prevent future diseases. Another example is that we once had a commodity that didn't live up to its expected lifespan in use. Based on lab analysis and research on seal manufacturers, we still can't find a reason. Finally, our technicians went to appreciate the customer's equipment assembly line and found that a part used during installation had a rough edge, the surface of the rubber part was scratched during installation, and then the rubber seal was prematurely ineffective in use. After the customer replaces such elements, the rubber seal will fully meet the application requirements.
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