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by:ORK      2020-07-24
diaphragm is a kind of widely used in pumps, pump, valve rubber piece, as a key part of the pump valve, rubber diaphragm pump valve is directly related to the quality of life. The rubber diaphragm in the form a complete set of processing custom pump valve seal needs to pay attention to what factors? Should pay attention to the following three points: 1, rubber raw materials, rubber diaphragm pump valve according to different application environments commonly used with EPDM, NBR, NR, the physical properties of the material such as FKM determines the physical properties of rubber diaphragm, such as tensile strength, elongation, high and low temperature resistance, etc. 2, rubber seals diaphragm mold, mold design and processing of rubber diaphragm shape, dimensional accuracy of the intimate relationship, and the size of the rubber diaphragm precision will be significant effects on the assembly precision, sealing performance. 3, molding process of rubber seals diaphragm, hold good molding parameters of the three elements ( Time, temperature, pressure) Is crucial, if unreasonable setting will cause the rubber diaphragm appearance defects, such as lack of plastic, bubble, burning, and poor sulfide, etc. 18 years professional provide all kinds of pump/valve type rubber a one-stop solution for the problem, in addition to the rubber diaphragm, also contains a suction cup, rubber seat, piston, sealing ring, rubber mat,,,,, form a complete set of processing custom pump valve seal hotline: ( WeChat with Numbers)
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